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Emerging Big Data in Enterprise Mobile Applications

The new Smart phone era has changed the way people live, smart phones were not just used as an instrument to communicate but also perform their business tasks.
The biggest challenge faced by large and SMB organizations is how to handle the large set of data, and how to secure those data access. We all know enterprise data (big data) contains sensitive informations.
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Capture & Embed Image in PDF using Html2canvas

I faced a situation where I need to capture a part of a html page and embed that image in the pdf.
I used wkhtmltopdf convertor for one of my project, where I used visjs js plugin, While generating a pdf there was some performance issue to render the timeline in the pdf.
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Circle CI – Fix for ‘git command i returned 128’

Recently I faced an issue with circle CI related to “Checkout using deploy key”.

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Attaching USB devices to a Virtualbox in MAC

I did struggled sometimes to attach my USB device with my UBUNTU 12.04 virtual machine, found a solution and thought I would share it.

Open your Virualbox, Select the Session you want to start, Click on settings in VirtualBox and you will see a prompt select USB under the Ports tab

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My First-hand Experience With KnockoutJS

Why Knockout ?

When I worked for a single pager cross platform mobile application, there were lot of UI need to be updated very frequently, Initially I did that using Jquery which is an awesome js library, but still I need to write lots of code to find and update the element every time there is a change in the UI. Continue reading “My First-hand Experience With KnockoutJS”

Ruby IRB like Rhodes Console for Mobile Apps

Ruby IRB like Rhodes Console for Mobile Apps
Just created a rhodes console which I found very useful while we develop smart phone applications using Rhodes framework.

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Push Notifications in Rhodes using Ruby

I tried Push notifications concept in Rhodes using Rhoconnect and its works well. The documentation for the same is also nice.
For one of my project there was no need for Rhoconnect and so I wanted to get Push Notification done using Ruby (without Rhoconnect).
Here is the sample code I tried.Create a simple Rhodes app using rhodes app app_name

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Memcached with Rails 3 configuration.

First install memcached in your machine and make sure its running.

After installing memcached to make sure its running, try starting the server using the below command in the terminal

/etc/init.d/memcached start 

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RVM Gemsets to maintain multiple versions of gems

RVM made my life easier to run multiple versions of ruby and rails in Ubuntu.
 Installing RVM
If we want to maintain two different versions of gem under a single ruby version, we can create a named gemsets for different versions and switch between them easily.
Recently I came across something called gemsets.

The below command creates a gemset named gemsetname.
rvm 1.9.2@gemsetname –create

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