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Github-client using Rhodes

I am new to Rhodes, In Rhomobile landing page they have a quote saying “Use your web skills to write NATIVE apps once and build for ALL smartphones with”  impressed me a lot.

Rhodes is a nice cross-platform  language for web developers to write mobile native apps which includes(iPhone, Android, Blackberry).

Their docs is really cool , I started with the help of Rhomobile docs and now am able to write a decent mobile apps using Rhodes.

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Jammit installation issue (no such file to load — win32/open3 (LoadError)) in Windows

In one of my project I am using Jammit which provides both the CSS and JavaScript concatenation, compression and also provides  built-in JavaScript template support.

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Three New things in Ruby 1.9.x

There are lot more things improved in Ruby 1.9.2, I am going to discuss about 3 new things I liked which is introduced in Ruby 1.9.x.

Block Variable Scope in Ruby 1.9.x

Block arguments don’t clash with local variables, arguments are always local.
This is a nice fix in Ruby 1.9 .

Coffeescript installation with helloworld

Had a look at coffee-script, really cool just wanted to give it a try .
The command-line version of coffee is available as a Node.js utility.
The coffeescript code is compiled  into JavaScript and the number of lines we write is less than javascript code.

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