In one of my project I am using Jammit which provides both the CSS and JavaScript concatenation, compression and also provides  built-in JavaScript template support.

Installed jammit gem

| gem install jammit

Added to gem file.

| gem ‘jammit’

Started my server and got error no such file to load — win32/open3 (LoadError)

Then I installed the win32-open3 gem.

| gem install win32-open3

Again started the server got the same error and then I added it in gemfile.

| gem ‘win32-open3’

Things started working properly.

The application I work is a javascript-heavy application and Jammit helps me to organize the javascript and css files in a better way which made my code look nicer.

The other cool thing I liked about Jammit is that it provides built-in JavaScript template support which is more elegant .

I use underscore.js templating engine in my application, Now I am slowly migrating to Jammit way of templating which is very handy.

Thanks Jammit